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Every year Gloucestershire County Council celebrate the awesome people that inhabit the shire by holding a shindig at Cheltenham racecourse and handing out some well-deserved awards. These awards are called the Grow Gloucestershire Awards and are freaking awesome.

They are a great way for the council to recognise young people, businesses and not-so-young people who are amazing at what they do. With awards like “Young Person of the Year”, “Outstanding Business Contribution” and “Cutest Smile” (not the last one) .

With these awards come the need for a bunch of videos to introduce the finalist for each of the categories.

We got this.

Ok, so there are a lot of videos to talk through and it would be daft to talk about them all and probably wouldn’t be a very good read so I’m going to focus on one and let you guys assume the process was the same for the rest of them.

Let me tell you the story of a girl named Alice.

Alice had some serious struggles when she was younger. I don’t mean the usual strifes of a youngster (low battery etc) she faced real things that I as an adult would crumble over.

And yet she didn’t. She got her GCSE’s, found a place of her own AND works helping other young people for the council. Truly and amazing young person.

For all her success, she was nominated by her employer,Lynn for “Outstanding Support to Young People”

We rocked up to Colwell Arts Centre rolling deep with 3 mandem in our squad.

Sorry about that.

We had 2 cameras, an a7s and its much fitter sister the a7sii. We set up the a7sii on a tripod and got that thing shooting a nice big wide  in 4k because why wouldn’t you? The a7s was mounted on a shoulder rig and used for a b cam on the close ups. With the wides, we used the rules of thirds to the extreme and had Alice framed in the bottom left.

As there is quite a lot of sensitive information and situations going back and forth, just asking questions about her situation would be a very tactless approach, so we took the route of having a conversation. Chatting the interviewee before shooting not only gets them comfortable with talking to us and being on camera but also allows us to take a less direct assault on subjects. This is a method we use in all our interviews, sensitive or not.

Hass led the interview and asked questions pertaining to her experiences and the award she’d been nominated for whilst Ramy and I filmed.

After we finished with Alice, Lynn took the hot seat to talk about how amazing Alice is and why she nominated her for this award.


Finally, we got some footage of Alice doing what she does best: inspiring other young youth workers.

We then repeated this whole process with the other nominees and nominators and got into the edit.

All in all, this is a great project to work on. You get to meet some really amazing people who have done things that make you reconsider your life choices and if the fact that you got 24 kills of Battlefield 1 is really something to be proud of. Our hats off to Gloucestershire County Council for honouring these people and to the people themselves being honoured. Regardless of if you win, you are all legends .

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