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We love hearing your opinions and thoughts, so that is essentially why we created this poll. Getting a general idea of what works and what doesn’t for you, the audience, is very important to us. We need to know that what we are doing is effective and practical.


What we wanted to know was “What type of marketing tactics do you think is the most effective?” As business development interns a part of our jobs is to conduct research into how business can progress forward into the future. We have collected data by posting a Twitter Poll and have from this analysed the results.

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We proposed four options for the public to choose from;

– Promotional Videos

– Poster Adverts

– Online Campaigns


– Blogs

Our results are as follows:

61% of individuals chose promotional videos, this was the highest ranking option. Followed by poster adverts with 33%. Online campaigns received only 6% and blogs received 0%. This therefore shows that using promotional videos is the most popular and effective way of marketing a business. Video is becoming more and more popular nowadays in terms of being a marketing tactic. It has the power to entertain but also engage the audience in what you are trying to say.

Poster Campaigns are a very traditional tactic that still has the power to effect its audiences. It is not surprising that it is second in ranking. Eye catching and creative poster adverts can easily draw prospects to your business.

Online campaigns through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have powerful influences if used correctly.

Blogs are only just becoming a new trend for businesses and still need to be used accurately in order to succeed in marketing.

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To conclude from this we will be continuing in using promotional videos in marketing our business but will also consider the usage of the other options in order to be unique and not boring. All options have the ability to help businesses expand into the future but it is important for us to consider what is popular among our audience.

We will be taking what we have found out on board and will work with the resources we have to expand ourselves.

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