Nestle Fitness Bra Cam

Not all videos for your business need to be the hard sell. What we’ve been seeing for quite a few years now – since online video has taken off, with virals hitting the news and racking up millions of views – are brands getting the message of their products across with the help of non-traditional advertising. Taking a look at Nestle’s video for their breakfast cereal FITNESS, you can see a great example of this.bracam1

On the back of breast cancer-awareness, Nestle created a great video, hiding a camera on a woman’s low-cut top, and counting the amount of times someone stares directly into it. That premise doesn’t scream “We’re here to tell you about our cereal, Fitness” – but the act of getting you to watch that video, you find out what it is. I’d never heard of that cereal before, but now I know what it is, and what the ideology is behind that brand. It’s a healthy cereal, buying it let’s you take care of yourself. Which also, unsurprisingly, fits in with the message of the video (breast cancer awareness).

Remember the series of Dove adverts from earlier in the year? Building a brand and getting your name out there doesn’t always equate a standard advert selling your product. Sometimes creating engaging content that links through to your brand message is just as beneficial. Since the Nestle Fitness Bra Cam video launched on the 24th of September (a week ago from when this blog post was written) it had reached over 2,700,000 people. That’s huge.


Last year we were approached by an insurance brand, to communicate the need for mobile phone insurance. One of the ideas we pitched for them was using a magician, who as part of his tricks broke phones, to highlight that message. The video was more about the magic and the magician and the reactions of the participants, but softly linked back to the message and brand at the heart of it. Even though it was the “softest” sell idea, it managed to generate the most buys through a video the company had seen to date. Nowadays, corporate video is often about thinking outside the realm of “corporate” – and more to “engaging”.

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