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Hello! We are three marketing, branding and advertising students who study at The University of Gloucestershire and in our first year. Our names are Katie, Megan and Georgia.We first heard of Unit 1 Films during our BM4090 Personal and Professional portfolio lecture where Ramy and Hass spoke offering the opportunity to carry out our 30 hour placement with them. We were really interested in working with them as they offered more variety and experience. We were thrilled to find out that were got the placement!

We have really enjoyed our placement at Unit 1 Films as we have learned how to use social media as a way of promoting businesses. We have been able to communicate with many target customers and have gained quality information that can help the business to go forward. We have developed our skills in areas such as team work, communication and online promotions.

Working with Unit 1 Films has been a great way to learn the in and outs of what it is like to work with a real life production team. Hass, Kishi and Ramy were all very welcoming and made us feel like we were part of the team. We have learnt so much about how important social media is in order to get businesses to know about your company. We increased their social media followers and made businesses more aware of what Unit 1 Films is about. 

Our Unit 1 Films experience has enabled our skills on writing and researching to develop as we wrote a number of blogs for example, we launched the campaign that is coming soon ‘#paws4acuppa’. Writing blogs as marketing students can help us remember to focus on the main aspects when promoting a campaign or company and constantly updating their social media on topics that we think will attract customers has gained more followers.
We would like to say a big thank you to the Unit 1 Films Team as they have taught us so much that will assist us through our course at university and we are very grateful for their time.
We will miss working with such great people and Marley of course!
Thank you for the opportunity.

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