Hong Kong Episode 2: The Umpire Strokes my Back



Welcome back, good to see you! For those of you who weren’t here last week, we went to Hong Kong for the University of Gloucestershire to shoot a video promoting their amazing Business School. If you want to read part 1, you can find it here. If you don’t want to, fine. I can’t tell you what to do.

Well, they said it was a hill, it was definitely a mountain.

Ok, it was a hill, but the circumstances changed things. The equation was something like this:

hill (heat+humidity+jet lag) = mountain

The maths works out, I’m allowed to complain.

Once up there my complaints disappeared. The view was breath-taking. Now, I’m not bragging, but we consider ourselves well travelled at Unit 1 Films, having between us tackled the most awesome of cities all over the world but this was nothing like anything I’d ever seen before. A city skyline against a the rolling hills of Asia was truly breath taking. From this location, our view was mostly obscured by giant high-rise apartments but between them we could see the whole of Hong Kong island and with The Peak rising up from the middle.

alex vid

By moving to this location, we could give the viewer a real sense of awe. As different a city as it may be, Hong Kong is still a city like most others. With this shot we were able to show how drastically different the backdrop was compared to what the viewer may have been previously familiar with (unless they’d been to HK before in which case it didn’t really matter)

We kept to the same shooting set up as before (A7s for the wide, 5D for the close-up) and had Alex mic’d up with a lapel radio mic. Our nemeses Heat and Humidity were forgotten as we battled a new foe, Cicadas… We’d shoot, they’d chirp. All of them. There was definitely some sort of coordination. They had a leader.

Ramy figured a way around this. Now stick with me, because this is when it gets real technical. Set everything rolling. Sound, both cameras. Have Alex in place, ready to start. Before all of this it is important to have one thing ready, a large stone. Once everything is at speed, throw said stone into the trees then pray the cicadas stayed quiet for the entirety of the take. Repeat between takes until shot is complete.

Hope you managed to follow that.

That evening we ate McDonalds because we felt like being fancy. Then went to the fancily named Pacific Place 3 (Return of the Pacific Place)*and met friends for a sweaty hot drink (we were sweaty hot, the drink was not).


*It wasn’t called Return of the Pacific Place I just added that for a laugh.

The next day we headed to the Central district with the Ronin steady cam rig. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Ronin GO TO GOOGLE NOW, ITS AMAZING. GOOGLE IT NOW, NOW. NOW!!!

Ok, welcome back.

As the video was aimed towards showing off the Business School at UoG we needed to show a bit of business. That’s logical, right? Also, as part of the Business degree, you actually get taken to these sorts of places with special privilege like being shown around the offices and see how things are run in an industry which is all to familiar but in a completely contrasting culture.

hongkong hsbc

The Ronin drew attention, but we were use to this by now. We started to feel like regular celebrities with random people coming up and taking pictures of us and the kit as if we were testing a battle bot for the reboot of Robot Wars (how excited am I?!) We found the HSBC building. Guarded by two magnificent lion statues it made for some good filming. After about 5 minutes of gimbal fuelled fun we noticed a large security presence forming around us.

Things were about to get serious….


For more information on us and what we do, or if you want your own video made (we can shoot it here, you dont need to send us abroad) drop us a line on the electronic mail or telephonic communications device.

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