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We often get asked how we work and how much involvement we have in the creative process – we thought we would do a case study of one of our successful online films to give a sense of what is involved.

The Brief

Having worked with Endsleigh Insurance on a number of projects we have developed a great working relationship with their marketing team.

The brief that they issued us was based on some recently released statistics which pointed towards the fact that many people don’t understand the importance of mobile phone insurance – they therefore wanted a video to highlight this and to raise awareness of the issue.

We like being given open briefs like this which are focussed on who the audience is and what the video is intended to show – this allows us to use our creative expertise to come up with a concept that best achieves this goal.

For the Endsleigh video we produced a number of different concepts which needed to be; ‘sharable’ (in that people want to watch the video and will repost it on social media), informative (as in the audience goes away from watching the video knowing what we want them to know) and unique.Endsleigh decided to go with our ‘Street Magic’ concept – where we would take a skilled close-up magician to the streets of a University town who would rope people in to watching him perform a magic trick. Each of the magic tricks would feature a smartphone.

We took care of the audition process and hired the magician so that the team at Endsleigh wouldn’t have anything to worry about – we are also very experienced in hiring talent for films so are able to judge people’s talent and ability to perform on camera.

Unbeknownst to the victims, the magician would ‘palm’ the phone and replace it with a fake – proceeding to smash/break the fake phone to shock members of the public into realising the need for mobile insurance.

Afterwards we explained the trick and asked the participants to comment on how they felt – when we heard comments like “I felt like my life was over” – we knew that the video was perfectly suited to the intended message.

The Finished Film

We regularly champion the merits of having a film that is as short as possible when intended for sharing on the web, as it keeps it punchy and easily shareable.

For this project we produced two different versions of the film – one at 3 minutes (featuring a number of different participants and tricks) and one at 30 seconds (featuring only one trick).

The 30 second film we made (hosted on Endsleigh’s YouTube channel) to date has nearly 45,000 views.

Were Endsleigh happy?

We will let Endsleigh speak for themselves on this one:

“The Unit 1 team have always been professional and enthusiastic, and are full of creative ideas. They understand the urgency of our tight deadlines in order to coincide with the launch of our campaigns. In the last few months of working with them our online engagement has increased by 100%. We will be working with the team on an ongoing basis to create more videos that link to support our business development.”

You can view the finished films here:

3 minutes:


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