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Room for Growth

Every year Gloucestershire County Council celebrate the awesome people that inhabit the shire by holding a shindig at Cheltenham racecourse and handing out some well-deserved awards. These awards are called the Grow Gloucestershire Awards and are freaking awesome. They are a great way for the council to recognise young people, businesses and not-so-young people who are…

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We Were Cameramen – When Ramy met Larry

In an attempt to get our air miles up, we went to Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam this month. Oh, and we were filming some stuff too, but that was just a bonus. Ramy and I went travelling with a lovely student called Tom (for alliteration purposes, I will call him Larry). So me, Ramy…

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Marketing Students Placement Review

Hello! We are three marketing, branding and advertising students who study at The University of Gloucestershire and in our first year. Our names are Katie, Megan and Georgia.We first heard of Unit 1 Films during our BM4090 Personal and Professional portfolio lecture where Ramy and Hass spoke offering the opportunity to carry out our 30…

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Review of Twitter Poll

We love hearing your opinions and thoughts, so that is essentially why we created this poll. Getting a general idea of what works and what doesn’t for you, the audience, is very important to us. We need to know that what we are doing is effective and practical. So… What we wanted to know was…

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Endsleigh Magic Mike: Case Study

We often get asked how we work and how much involvement we have in the creative process – we thought we would do a case study of one of our successful online films to give a sense of what is involved. The Brief Having worked with Endsleigh Insurance on a number of projects we have…

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Nestle Fitness Bra Cam

Not all videos for your business need to be the hard sell. What we’ve been seeing for quite a few years now – since online video has taken off, with virals hitting the news and racking up millions of views – are brands getting the message of their products across with the help of non-traditional…

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Video of the day 30/06/2014

If you you like us enjoy The Walking Dead, then you will certainly love this! Todays video of the day is a Bad Lip Reading video of The Walking Dead. Enjoy!

Video of the day 13/03/2014

Photoshop – an advanced photo editing software that allows you to alter any image. Word is, that photoshop is being used and abused for its powers. Have a look for yourself !

Video of the day 10/03/2014

Here at TheSmp – we’d love to think we make a great team – Heres one video on the net, that clearly shows a great example of team work … !

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